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Drop in Centre

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November 30, 2020 · changed the group description.

Every Wednesday morning we open our doors to the local community. At the Drop In we offer help filling in forms, making phone calls, explaining letters or signposting people to others who can help.

As a Place of Welcome we are part of a network throughout the city who advertise themselves for those who need a welcome. We offer drinks , biscuits and chat. Once a month we are joined by Action for Hearing Loss and folk come for new hearing aid batteries or to have their hearing aids serviced. (Hospitals signpost us)

This has become a positive way to link in with locals. A number have shown an interest in the faith, although that is not something we push unless we are asked. For the last 3 years the footfall has plateaued at around 750 people a year.

Time – Every Wednesday 10-12.

Who to see – Ken Hazel


On Wednesday 21st we are opening up the normal drop in , and going into the community with music, food and Christmas cards from the church .

We would welcome anyone along to help and create a little bit of a buzz on the main road outside church .

The Drop In will carry on as normal . 10 am – 12 .


    Every Wednesday morning we open our doors to the local commu...
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